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DTAE: 'Maybe we can hide here?' by Ne-wt DTAE: 'Maybe we can hide here?' by Ne-wt
holy shit this is a huge file smh
I spent about 3 days on and off working on this pff
I absolutely adore this bagbean and I'd love to be able to have a shot at this haha
nOW to type out all of my story for them


Name: Sabaku (Desert in Japanese)
Gender: Male ( He/Him, but he's not going to correct anyone if referred to otherwise! )
Age: ??? 
Personality: Adventurous, Laid-back, Curious, Forgiving, Forgetful, Childish, Trusting, Selfless
Upon meeting Sabaku many would think he's not much more than a childish explorer with strange fantasies of the desert, when in truth Sabaku is a kind and laid back Bagbean. He is generous in most aspects, such as sharing shelter, beans or even clothing. He however, is not as good at sharing food. Even though he hates to share his food, he'd much rather just take it away with him and hide than say no

When food is out of the picture, Sabaku is quite generous. Although he has a tendency to stare at strangers, which can make him seem a bit deranged and strange.

Short Bio: Sabaku's Bean grew in the desert and he had quite quickly come accustomed to the desert. Finding cloth and a golden brooch in the sand he soon made himself a 'scavengers outfit' (more on that later)             because Sabaku likes to explore alot, he has made differetn variations of his scavengers outfit, including scavenger, multi-climate and polar ( ). Sabaku feels extremely uncomfortable outside of the desert, even if its just for a few hours. he is even more uncomfortable in cold climates

During Sabaku's identity trial, he was teleported in the Sahara. He was confused at first, seeing as he thought he'd be teleported to a forest or city of some kind. After wandering for a few hours Sabaku saw a tiny spotted lizard. The tiny lizard contnously ran away from Sabaku whenever he tried to pick them up. After chasing it for several hours eventually the bagbean gave up and sat down under a dead tree. After a few minutes the lizard came back and crawled atop of Sabaku's head and lay down to rest. Sabaku named the little lizard Tiny (Because Sabaku (read: me) is very lazy and can't think of a better name at this point)      


I feel like I could make this story/bio waayy better but I'm so tired otl

Bagbeans + Floophorses {C} @/Griffsnuff
Floopicorn {C} Pickleweasel360
Pickleweasel360 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
The red and gold are a nice touch to bring the two together!

And you can really tell you put a ton of effort into this painting o.o Good luck in the DTA!
Ne-wt Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
haha tysm!
I'll try finish your sketches today~
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