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Nero's Brush set of smudgy magic and other stuff

I just wanted to share some of the brushes i have made C: ~ (i make lots of them, i think its really fun xD)

The smudgy smudge brushes in this is used under the smudge setting at 100% (you can change it, i wont eat you, its just the setting showed on the picture)

Haha well, i hope some of you find them usefull xD !

:bulletred: - You can use these however you want, as long as you dont redistribute them and claim them as your own C:
AND FEEL FREE to show me your pictures, if some of you have been playing around with these brushes!
I wont force you, i would just looove to see what all you amazing peps do with them c: !
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Nice! Thank you.

Thanks so much for the beautiful brushes!

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thank you so much! using!
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This will be a good set for me.
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I love the pixel one!
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Thank you ,i gonne try them
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Thank you so much 
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It no longer downloads.
can use this, not detected :(
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how do i download brushes??
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Uh the download button is on the right side od this page,right down the Add to Favorite button
Thank you so much!! It's beautiful
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Amazing brushes, definitely recommend them and im just in love with them. I'll be sure to recommend them to my friends thanks alot ;)
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do you know if these work in clip studio paint/manga studio?
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Aaah, i really don't know, but i don't think they would - unless Clip studio has some photoshop brush importing feature :/ Anyway, i've gotten myself Clip Studio, so maybe i'll make some brushes for that !
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Ah i'm not to sure as well since ive never really used photoshop to much im more of a sai user. i had just bought clip studio 
and the brushes are desent but i prefer my sai brush settings so i went to search out for ones similar to my sai xD
but yeah if you decide to make clip studio brushes i'll totally check em out
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Aah, well, you could always try making some of your own brushes in Clip studio! The brush editor is actually really good (especially compared to SAI's), though a bit advanced, but that just means there's alot to mess around with! 
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Yeah there is a bunch of settings i was checking out while making brushes 
and not just with brushes there is a lot of settings in general on clip studio paint xD
its a nice program though
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Wait so did these brushes work in Clip Studio?
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Sorry they didnt they work with photoshop only i believe
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