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Tickle Belana

By NDT2000
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woohoo...it works...more or less...
right now I'm testing out some methods of how to let an animation play until it's finished even if you have already pressed another button...and of course some mouse-over commands ;p
That I didn't know how to use this two commands were the main reasons why my previous flash only had this short animations ... but this problems are now solved! Mwahahaha! :mwahaha:
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Now that was fun.
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an ingenious interactive animation, with much fun :)
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Damn, technology these days XD There should be a screamer for when you tickle her private parts with the text "YOU PERVERT!!" XD
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Ok, I truly despise screamers, but this one was pretty appropriate XD
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Very cool. Funny face. That's nice. 
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Make her laugh and make her pee on the floor when tickled too long and make some other tools to tickle with
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Hahaha the face on her! xD :3
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Put sound in it

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what? no sound?
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woah, this is so cool! :D
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je voudrais savoir comment on a le son please
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*pats back* dont listen to them.
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look I meant to say good work but so is so ! :)
(I'm still waiting for mad lab tickling 2)
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wow, she even laughs when you tickle her arms-she seems about as ticklish as me (not her underarms but her normal arms) but still, no sound. {:( but still, overall a good game
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tickle her feet
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