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MadLab V2

By NDT2000
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Here it is! You had to wait long for this but there are a few points I'd like to mention.
First of all I want to give a big Thank You to Tommy from Tickleabuse for allowing me to use the audio files of his clips.

And then there are a few things that aren't a bug, but a feature:
  • The sound may start and stop rather abrupt, but I'm planing to work on this in future flash games/animations.

  • The animations will loop continuously this time, but as a result you may have to wait for up to 3 seconds when choosing another scene before you see a reaction because the current scene will finish first to guarantee a seamless animation

  • The screen that shows how ticklish the girls are still has no influence in the game other than providing atmosphere and justifying each girls special animation

  • You can mute the sound in the upper right corner

  • There is no hidden character this time

I guess that's all for now. Have fun!
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Ashley on Tickle Abuse (just "Ashley", not "Ashley Sinclair")

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I think you did the voice for Belana

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uhm, now that you brought it up, I just realized that Belana and Melaina have the same voice and yet sound like different people =p

Belana's voice is from the clip "Ashley stretched" and Melaina's from "Ashley stretched and tickled" (fitting clip names for making it even more confusing :B )

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No problem. Thx for the clips!

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How to use when Flash is dead:

1. Download

2. Open with "Internet Explorer" (Yes, seriously)

3. Enjoy. ;)

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Eternal gratitude to you for this awesome work of erotic audio choices!  To hear even more variety of hard laughing tickled women (play them along with these MadLab V2 laughers!), go to my 'EroticSoundsOfTickledWomen'sUncontrollableLaughter' Collection in my Favourites, where i have just now Faved THIS Masterpiece!  It is the greatest pleasure for a deeply enthusiastic ticklephile to listen to a group of extremely ticklish laughing women while watching the very best visuals of tickling, some of which may not have good laughter.
Yes, and because Google Chrome, & maybe Internet Explorer too, will no longer 'support' Flash by the end of 2020 - go to to download ticklevids to your hard drive for free (I recommend VLC for playing vids.).  You have to use a wide variety of search terms (Try the names of ticklevid stars too.); you might have to look past 1 or 2 hundred bj's & other porn style stuff to find one good ticklevid.  I've downloaded some good ticklevids from, but i haven't been there for awhile.  Hopefully, we'll still have that resource after 2020.
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We're gonna miss it, when Flash dies :/

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Real Laughter from actual Tickleabuse sessions!  My current favorite is Tik'la.  But you can open a separate window for a different laughing ticklee to play at the same time - in fact, up to 9 different ticklees laughing uncontrollably while immobilized & tickled in those inescapable Tickleabuse restraints!  A whole chorus of laughter, limited only by your computer's capabilities!  I like playing Gniark's strong laugh with Tik'la's higher pitch laugh.  I intend to try 3 or 4 or more laughing together when i get time.  The repeating loop aspect for hands free listening is definitely 'convenient'!  Enjoy!
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For your next one, please add mechanical arms, tipped with feathers of course, to tickle the girls' naked boobies and nipples.
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It's pretty bad that I can recognize most of these laughs and what video they came from.Lol
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Tolle Arbeit, mehr von dir.
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Very cool flash. ^W^
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when a new madlab????
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ummmm it wont come on for me
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Man, this is some GREAT piece of work!!! And the sound files are off-chart great too! Wonderful job! Can't wait to see your new work.
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It would be great if you did one with the character of Fauna from Oh My Sex Goddess.  That would be super fun!
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Twelve kinds of awesome!
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u must try add characters from anime like sakura or hinata or erza
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Then it wouldn't stay original...
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Quando você vai fazer jogos novos ? faz um bom tempo que você não faz um jogo novo, queremos jogos novos
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Nice the screen that show how ticlish the girls are will have any fuction later in the future, you have some nice games
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Leantra's pre-made tickling looks like so much fun
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