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going on

in my 'DUOTR' au 049 didn't take a place in the headquarters, becoming an object instead
he is fully identical to SCP-049 though his code name is D(U)O-0049 and his mask can be taken off (which happened during an accident)
as time passed and he became tranquil without a mask on, the head decided to get him into work, making him an 'object agent' - an anomalous creature who works for the organization and is fully aware of that
his main task is helping 500 (who is the head physician of DUOTR) in everyday tasks; 500 is also one of the few people who can stand 049's touch - obviously, he's got an ultimate curing ability and is able to stay alive.
a question about how 049 is supposed to make contacts with surrounding staff if he can't even shake anyone's hand is open. suggestions about mechanical hands have been made
according to canon, he also speaks very rarely, only in the situations that interest him or are extreme. he retains his anomalies but uses them in rather peaceful ways, like trying to reanimate dead people (though no one knows if he still wants to cure the Pestilence in others. oh)

moving on to his dress code.
yes, he's not dressed like in the Plague's time, because there's no proof that he is actually from that time; no victim of plague stood up and [REDACTED] people, and no plague doctor operated their patients with scalpels (they were even terrified to touch them as we know. the sticks) and inserted chemicals inside their bodies. i took a more convenient, practical and less barbarian time which was the 18th century, so that's why he's dressed like that.
the shawl is black for a reason
i also made a different beak design to distinguish him. like why not? it's an au.

SCP-049: scp-wiki.net
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flandre495|Student General Artist
Or Antonio Salieri from Amadeus
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ND-painter|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, yes! with his nose a bit more narrow tho.
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DrawingGirl4|Hobbyist Filmographer
He looks like Frollo XD
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ND-painter|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh pffffft
indeed he does somehow :I
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