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Arcane Idol Wandering Piper

By ncorva
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Object  Bagpipe
Keoran of the mountain Pass, as he was once known, was a very curious case indeed. He felt since childhood a natural attraction towards musical instruments. He would say to the villagers that he heard music in his head and would take every chance he had to play it for them.
Great was his sadness when his boisterous style of playing was recieved with rejection and scorn.
He tried to adapt to the style his fellow villagers liked, but the flow of notes inside of him would jumble up and his music would become out of tune and rythm-
One night, after a disasterous performance at the local festival Keoran head into the woods and let out his fury  by playing the music that flowed within him without concern for who listened.
But in the wild, someone is always listening.
His music was overheard by Uyresk the dragon spirit of the mountain who rolled, danced and laughed in the joy of such powerful
and soulful music.
The dragon said it had been ages since he had heard a human who understood the music of the spirits. That was the music that so powerfully flowed in Keoran's heart. However, there was a way to help Keoran turn his inspiration into something mortal's would enjoy.
Uyresk bestowed upon him one of his horns, sign of his blessing. A crown for a king among Bard's. Once keoran placed the horn on his head, the tempestuos flow of spirit music became a myriad of melodies and song, ready at the point of his fingers to be delivered to the world.
Uyresk's second gift was an ancient relic of the spirit world, the head of King Kururú of the demon frogs, who's loud and booming voice could be heard across mountains and seas.
With such tools Keoran set out on a voyage. And despite the gruesome visage of his instrument, Wherever he played the people were driven into a trancelike frenzy, rolling, dancing and laughing just like the dragon spirit once did. 
He became known as the Wandering Piper, and the legend said that wherever he decided to spend the night, you could hear the sounds of laughter and dance travel upon the moonlight.
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CortoRudant's avatar

Very cool concept and design, I like his mood ! Well done !

jonwassing's avatar
This one is the one I want to win. I will be cheering for ya! :D I love the bagpipes, and the story is a good one.
DulciaRelicta's avatar

Creative story, wonderful design, beautifully rendered. Well done!

TheBull65's avatar

Wonderful character and great art. Had to steal him for my own TRPG world, fits perfect in the celtic background.

ncorva's avatar

Oh that's great! Glad you liked him!

Conde-Hiro's avatar

GENIAL Nacho! : D

ncorva's avatar

Gracias condex grosso

tsad's avatar

great concept sir! :)

ncorva's avatar

Thanks! Your Toymancer concept was very solid as well! Best of luck!

This is real awesome! I looked through a lot of works and I think that your work is worthy of victory.

ncorva's avatar

Thanks! I hope so! Participating has already been a lot of fun. It has been a while since I have uploaded anything and am really happy with the positive feedback I got on this one!

This is insane - I love it!
ncorva's avatar

Oh thank you! you have some very nice work as well.

Those pyrographed cases look awesome!

MickThePict's avatar
ncorva's avatar

Thanks! Sometimes I really hate it because of it's inevitability!! I try to make something different and fall into the same choices. I guess that's who I am and how I paint!

MickThePict's avatar

I'm the same. I imagine a masterpiece but it keeps falling back to my style. what drawing package do you use.

ncorva's avatar

I usually work in Photoshop and use a mix of brushes from sam nielsen, a guy named Vlad that´s here on deviant and some custom brushes I have made myself.

Whas that your question?

MickThePict's avatar

cool. I must look into other brushes. i generally use two. will check out Vlad thanks

primepalindrome's avatar
Lovely command of shape language! I love your use of form and color here
ncorva's avatar

Thanks! It is very kind of you to say so.

I see by your gallery that despite having different styles we share taste in subtle subject matters and love for vibrant unusual palettes!

primepalindrome's avatar
You've put that really beautifully! ☺️
Microterrorart's avatar

Coming back to watch it again. Very attractive and interesting concept, in which I can see story.

Great work!

ncorva's avatar

Thanks! Your entry is pretty sweet as well!

You did an amazing job at getting the talisman, logo and equipment to dominate the composition!


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