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I think you will start to see a pattern in these wallpapers I'm featuring each week. Out of all the minimalist artists I follow, these guys are probably the most active.

Adromedemon - Tobio Kageyama (Haikyuu!!)

The king has risen once more. I always really enjoy Haikyuu wallpapers, not just because I enjoy the anime, but the colours of these pieces always work together so well.

Luridu - Satori Tamaba (Machiavellianism)

What makes me like this minimalist is how simple the shading has been done. It's kept to a minimum, which adds that little more for the artwork, but not over the top where it exceeds the minimalist name.

slezzy7 - Holo (Spice and Wolf)

It's Holo, do I need to say more than that. For the most part, the colours work well, I'd probably just change the background myself. The added additions of the lines to define specific body parts is nice, but I feel there is just a few too many.

October72 - Unknown

I don't believe this is from a specific series or not, but this is her first attempt at making a minimalist. I must say it has been done very well, the dress could have done with some more smoothness, but other than that it's good. Hope to get some more from her.

NurAlifSidoel - Sistine + Rumia (Rokudenashi)

Let's be real for a moment, who designs such lewd clothing for a school? But I must say that make for an awesome wallpaper. The colours on this a spot on, it's all very nice and appealing to the eyes.

Rendracula - Yame Yukana (Hajimete no Gal)

Ren submitted this just in time for me to feature this week. Those lines to identify her breasts were really needed considering the type of series this is. I like the choice in source image for this piece, works well as a wallpaper.

Overall a good week for wallpapers, looking forward to see what comes next.

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This week, my fav is NurAlifSidoel - Sistine + Rumia (Rokudenashi)
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Thanks :D I Like Rendracula- Yame Yukana (Hajimete no Gal) to :D
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If I had to pick one, I'd say the same.
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