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Minimalist Wallpaper Guide | Inkscape

There has been a few times now where people have asked me how I make my wallpapers, I've just given them the tutorial I used to learn to make them.
Since then I have learnt a lot more and figured out a bunch of tricks a long the way, so here it is, A Minimalist Wallpaper Guide for Inkscape.

I used a design similar to what DashingHero made.
His tutorial for Illustrator can be found HERE.

Please give me your opinions on this tutorial/guide, I will be happy to answer any questions you have as well!

* Inkscape v0.91 - Download
* If some tools are missing from the toolbox on the left, do the following:

        Edit > Preferences > Interface > Then set Toolbox icon size to "Small"

* I use a theme, to view tool differences CLICK HERE!

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Thank you, but it's too complicated for me but I will do my best to learn!~
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It's very simple, it's all based around one tool.
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i must admit wht this is o interesting but i have only photoshop and illustrator i think what perhaps.... hmmm
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Inkscape is free, I just personally find it easier to use for these wallpapers. In the description you'll find a link to an Illustrator guide.
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oooh god thanks for this you are awesome!!! and if your birthday is next or near i ever gift a free commission so send me via note what do oyu want ok?
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It's the end if this year. :)
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i must thank you o nsome way for esplain me how you create your  awesome a rt so if you like surf a long for my gallery choose a character and i could drawing it or send me a note with details you have won early! try it!
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Nice tutorial. Glad I decided to switch to Inkscape for Vector Art (I used GIMP to create my first minimalist / vector art only to find out halfway that the results are very pixelated) and I loved the Pen / Curve / Patch Exclusion / Stroke Tools of of Inkscape. 

Keep up the good work, and I'd love to see more of your vector arts in the future.
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Glad I could be of some help. :D
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What's the difference between this and tracing?
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That's a decision you can make yourself.
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Mate, I wasn't being accusatory; I'm just curious.
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That's why I left the response open ended. Because it depends who you talk to and their opinion.

Yes technically it is tracing, but I believe the style is transformative/different enough. One thing I always do is provide a link to the source image that I used and give credit when I can.

When someone compliments something like pose or something else directly related to the character itself, I always tell them to say that to the original artist.
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How is it transformative?
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Interesting, in Macromedia's "Fireworks" or now its is from Adobe, you can select the area with a Magic Wand ( just like in Photoshop ) and then "convert to path" fromt here you can do anything with that path, change color and all that.. then you can convert that to vector ( ai. )

Once you have a "path" in Fireworks it is already like a vector , means you can scale it in any size without quality loss.
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I feel as though that would be more of a hassle to edit the paths you selected. One thing it would probably do is use a lot of nodes, so it would probably take more time to smooth them. Also, one of the reasons I use Inkscape over Adobe Illustrator is because I like how the Pen tool works.
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i see, well i use fireworks if i use vectors.
but i am so rarely creating vectors.

all i wanted to say is fireworks can convert with "selection tool" and it smoothes automatically.

not sure about inkscape, i might have a look when i have spare time.
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Both Illustrator and Inkscape can also automatically create paths based on image colours. Of course it ain't the best for these, but a similar concept.
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Looks awesome. One thing I'd suggest doing is adding the source image in the description of that post.
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Yes, it was the first vector image I made, was watching his tutorial

So did you like it ??
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