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Landscape [12] - Japanese Pagoda


I wanted to do something a little Japanese themed. I know some stuff aren't actually Japanese in this picture, but no one will notice. XD
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basic but beautiful

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That's the idea, thanks! :D

The colors!! its so perfect and so beautiful! <33

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Thanks, I really liked this one as well.
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good background
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Did I just found my new desktop wallpaper? I think I did... Heart :happybounce: 
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Glad to help. :)
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Makes me want to try this kind of art. I'm inspired! xD
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They are actually quite simple to make in terms of technical side. Hardest part is the idea itself.
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That's indeed true. Maybe I'll make one soon.  I'll tag you just to let me know what your thoughts on the work ... if you don't mind . xD
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Of course, tag me or send a note. :)
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I'll tag you . I prefer to acknowledge people in public xD
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Awesome! Keep up with the good work!
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Thanks, will do!
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I love the colors and the scenery here , plus I would love to go to Japan someday :JPflag: 
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So do I, and will eventually. :D
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Can I make a tutorial of this picture on YouTube?
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I already have a tutorial here on dA, and there are plenty of others on YouTube. You're more than welcome to make one on this style but I'd prefer if you came up with your own design rather than trying to replicate this one.
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Can I use this picture for part of a Youtube Picture??
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As long as you give me credit and send me a link to the video you used it in. :D
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