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Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


I'm wanting to make some more Avatar wallpapers over time, so feel free to suggest some more characters.
I thought this would be the best way to start, Aang having fun.

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Aang © Avatar: The Last Airbende
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Why don't you make Zuko?
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It's actually quite hard to find decent pictures of the original series. So it's because I haven't found the right one yet. I have looked.
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I'm going to link this to my daughter. She is a huge fan. She's got me watching it with her now. We binged our way through the first series, and am now working through the Legend of Korra series.
Nice work too, BTW.
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Thanks, there is more to come as well, so stick around. :D
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Ahhh, Avatar, my childhood ^-^
I find the last airbender to be better than the reboot, but it's still probably one of the best reboots I've ever seen. Great work!
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I find the Korra a lot more enjoyable if you don't compare it to The Last Airbender. Because one is from your childhood, and it always holds nostalgia. Of course it's good and not all nostalgia. But overall I did still like Korra.
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I'm not saying it wasn't enjoyable, I actually think it is one of the greatest reboots of any show ever, I guess I just like the original better. Not saying it's bad, though, it's really good and just as funny as the first :D
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 Yeah I realised that, I was just explaining my viewpoint of it. :D 
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OMG I love it soo much! ^.^
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you're welcome :D
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It's Simple I Like It :D
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1 of the best shows ever :D
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Indeed. I only wish they did a proper remaster or something so it looks better.
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i'd say it is only the 1st few episodes of book 1 that look a LITTLE iffy but very shortly after it gets a ton better
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It does indeed get better.
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i just wish korra ended at amon
the other parts had NEAT bits but it wasn't that good
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