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This has got to be the last thing I can really draw before BABS. :P (Save for one more collaboration ^^;). I’m cutting it way too close, haha. Speaking of, though, I’d really appreciate a little feedback in regards to what you guys think is print-worthy! Most everything in my gallery is going to become a 4x6 print, but I need some help on the larger 11x17s because I just can’t bring as many. :ohnoes:

You don’t need to necessarily be going to suggest, but head on over to Print Thoughts? if you’d like to leave a quick suggestion. Thanks a ton, guys, and have a good one!

I got to extend a wide thanks to the many individuals that lent a hand. This would have turned out a lot different without you guys in the streams, Discord and Skype. :)
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Incredible, such a display of power, I wonder what it is they're struggling against?
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