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Do try to steer clear of my path, captain.


Download to get a look at all the small details!

You guys have got to check out :iconamarynceus: Fear Naught but Dread Luna! Seriously, the amount of detail he packed in there is nuts. Outstanding work. ^^ We had to post the sister ships together, of course.

Celestia has arrived to save the day. She's not modeled on any ship in particular, but I was rolling with 'heavy cruiser' in mind.
Man, this one was tough and took a long while. Celestia is difficult enough to draw on her own, let alone all perspective-y. :ohnoes:

I received really great advice along the way, however, so thank you guys for all the help. For all the absurdity these are so very fun to draw. I got to telling people that this is what happens when you tell me to draw whatever I want. :dummy: Yo, it's creative, and I am a sucker for creativity. I am this close to going all-out with the worldbuilding and lore for these ship-pons, but Night Mares has got to be concluded before I take on something new. All in due time, right? :)
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