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Download to get a look at all the small details!

You guys have got to check out :iconamarynceus: Fear Naught but Dread Luna! Seriously, the amount of detail he packed in there is nuts. Outstanding work. ^^ We had to post the sister ships together, of course.

Celestia has arrived to save the day. She's not modeled on any ship in particular, but I was rolling with 'heavy cruiser' in mind.
Man, this one was tough and took a long while. Celestia is difficult enough to draw on her own, let alone all perspective-y. :ohnoes:

I received really great advice along the way, however, so thank you guys for all the help. For all the absurdity these are so very fun to draw. I got to telling people that this is what happens when you tell me to draw whatever I want. :dummy: Yo, it's creative, and I am a sucker for creativity. I am this close to going all-out with the worldbuilding and lore for these ship-pons, but Night Mares has got to be concluded before I take on something new. All in due time, right? :)
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as long as I've been following you I've known you like big ponies in large pictures. which is awesome because you go into extreme detail! if it was up to me Celestia would have been the Bismark but that dosn't take away from the image at all. so you dod what you do and we still enjoy it! this must have taken you a long time but between this and the last one the wait was worth it!
well now I have to end this and I still need 10 words. HAVE A GOOD DAY TO BOTH THE EVRY ONE!
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