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The things I do for you, Sparkle...


Celestia accompanies Twilight to the international mathematics summit. She can barely contain her excitement.

Quick and fun sketchage following another very late night. Hopefully that was the last one of the semester. :ohnoes:

This could actually be a fun, sketchy tumblr! 'Ask the Delinquent Princesses,' or something. Wait - that makes them sound like criminals... I dunno, but the princesses would do decidedly un-princessy things and participate in maximum tomfoolery and hijinkage. I suppose I ought to ask the fellow that gave Celly her hoodie/mane permission, though. I would also need ideas to draw. :P I sketched this during a marketing lecture, after all. :3 Just a thought. What do you guys think?

EDIT: Good Lord - I guess you guys do like this idea! These two nailed the drawfriend header… and quickly became my most thumbed-up post on the MLP subreddit! :O
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Someone may have said this before—I'm not going to go through 5 pages of chat text to check—but:

I'm just waiting for someone to start playing music and have Celestia stand up and walk off like a sluggishly dancing zombie to the donut or cake shop.  (Weekend at Bernie's 2)
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