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Ninja Twilight Redux

A new and much better take on one of my favorite tumblrs - which has fortunately returned! :D
This worked out quite nicely, as my man :iconyakshi7: capitalized on the opportunity draw his own shinobi pony when I mentioned I was redrawing Twilight here. :)
That bit of Japanese is coming from Google translate, by the way. Here's hoping I'm not too far off. :ohnoes:

I'm a tad premature, but thank you for 40K pageviews! . . . Heh, 40k . . . I happen to be reading a boss fan-fic in which Twilight serves the Imperium, actually . . . Now I'm thinking how awesome she'd look in commissar garb... ;)

The B&W version is right over here, in keeping with the tumblr color scheme.
And here is a version without all of that clouding dust, if that's your thing.

EDIT: Fixed her left eye to be a tad smaller. Go ahead and give her another download, if you like.

EDIT 2: Hot damn that's a drawfriend header! Thanks, you guys! :iconpinkiehappyplz: I'm freaking out right now! :D…

EDIT 3: Three edits? That's an academy record... but Carbon Maestro saw fit to use Twilight here as the video art for his latest piece! :D…

EDIT 4: These edits! I can't even hold all of them! :ohnoes: Twilight was featured in a discussion post - thanks to those of you who voted for this style. ;)…

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