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Night Shift - Sparkle, Twilight



My take on Night Shift's finest as she arrives in Horsmouth on assignment. That was a pretty darn good read, too - check it out!… I also tried out a new approach to coloring over a greyscale. Let me know if you dig it. Here's the WIP…
Thanks a lot for 700 watchers, you guys! Mad shout out to all of you :D I suppose this might as well be a celebratory piece for the 14k pageview milestone as well, but I appreciate you watchers a lot more :3
The Great and Powerful Trixie may or not be next. I dunno. It's 2 AM here, so I'm out.

EDIT: I'm number 19 in the Drawfriend! :D:D:D… Thanks a lot, guys!
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