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Never Be Royals - Suit Up

I will be the best princess... Like no princess ever was.

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What the - NC drew an all-out PLOT?! :nuu: Sound the alarms - duck and cover - say it ain't so! :ohnoes: But yeah - horses have butts. I know! Can hardly believe it, myself. :) Oh, and Bad Religion rocks.

So on the tumblr I've received a number of questionable comments, with the latest simply being, "Can we see Luna's flank?" The answer is, "Yes, you can. Everyone can, we are a pony! Surely thou hast seen a flank before?" I saw the opportunity to remind folks that the blog is very much SFW by drawing Luna's backside. Can you even handle the quantum reverse psychology?! :dummy:

EDIT: Included in the drawfriend!… :D And heading the Music of the Day!… :D:D
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