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Twilight Sparkle goes for a swim with her sub-buds!

I really liked this outfit from KanColle so I rolled with it here except with a snorkel because it's a brilliant idea. Sure wish I'd thought of it. :dummy:

I might be able to knock out Rarity, Pinkie and Rainbow by Bronycon if I don't spend as long on them as I did Twi. :ohnoes: I hope you like it, though. I also got to thinking about the universe of KanPonne too and even went and wrote an expository blurb. I'm starting to write about this nonsense now. Can't wake up.


Far away, the griffons and felines waged a great, terrible war that spanned land, air and sea. The Equestrians supported their griffon neighbors with much supplies and developed their own navy with which to escort shipments.
The warring parties lost a great deal of ships and sailors to the dark depths. The fear, hatred and death of the sea war manifested into a ghastly fleet of powerful warships that prey on any vessel or aircraft. At first the warring nations could keep the shadows at bay, but they only grew larger and ever more deadly.
Battered and weary from the fighting, the griffons and felines are looking to the ponies to save them. Using their powerful magic, the Equestrians will fight monsters with monsters of their own.


Going full Pacific Rim with that last bit, but cut me some slack - that is an awesome line. So yeah, not all that different from KanColle's generally accepted canon. Just better because ponies.
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