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Flutter Carrier



'Do be safe, little ones.'


Download for the full-res. Little details are killer, man, especially the fence/lighthouse. 

After many, many hours Fluttershy the carrier is finally squared up and is the second in what is most likely going to become a series. The KanColle carrier girls normally launch their little planes with a bow and arrow, but Flutters uses segmented runways and catapults on her wings to send her little magic plane buddies skyward. I figure the planes are much like Tachikomas and operate on their own without a pilot. So magical.

I’m thinking Celestia would make a great battleship, myself and will probably take her on next. Most of the hours here were spent redrawing and learning though, so that’s always good. These ship pons give me everything I need to practice, man: composition, atmosphere, perspective, painting... it’s good stuff and a lot of fun to boot. :dummy:

I just need to put a lot into each one, is all. I sure hope you like her and I got the YouTube timelapse(s) right here if you’d like to check it out. Have a good one!

Part I

EDIT: Fixes a couple shadows on the metal bits and the far land mass as well as the direction of the windsock. Thanks for the help guys!
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you want a critique? alright, here's one:

You did a fairly good job to make sure you have as much detail as possible in the picture all at once. Birds, waves, stray hairs, etc. I also like the cloudy background. Very ominous, but in a great way.

I love the concept as to how you have a "Carrier Pony" by placing runways on a Pegasus wing. Very original, and funny at the same time.

You're art style is great as always. Especially with the lighting and the shadows. the only complaint I have is the "Bridge" located on her left ear. I'm not entirely sure if that's attached to anything. If it is, I can't tell, so it looks like it's just mysteriously stuck to her ear, like an ear piercing.

The clothing is phenomenal. it's ragged, yet clean. wrinkly, yet fresh. and that just makes this piece so much better. you have no idea how many pictures with clothed ponies I've seen where they had perfectly straight, unwrinkled, and clean clothing in messy environments. (Applejack wearing clean overalls in the pig pen, for example. muddy soil, yet clean clothes.)

All and all, if you add it all up, this is one of your more outstanding pieces of art you have done yet, especially with the giant pony concept.

Very well done!
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