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I was here first! Get back - HEY!

Behold the magnificent pegasus as she gracefully relaxes in the bath. Truly the picture of poise!

Oh, you think you're bad, huh? Let's see what you got!


Rainbow Dash doing bird things needs more attention. Underpable knows wassup! I recall someone, somewhere, suggesting that I draw Dash fighting with a couple birds over a birdbath. Whoever that was - thank you. I love how that bird in the bath is all like, "U W0t M9? Come at me!" :D

And a big thanks to everyone that joined the stream, and to Toxic-Mario's keen eye. :) Thanks for stopping by!

EDIT: Dash nails the 2nd slot of the drawfriend… and heads the music of the day!… :D Thanks a lot, guys.

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