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EQG Applejack



AJ is best hooman. I mean, come on - she actually has normal-colored skin! :D

Everybody's good pal Herny drew a human Applejack, and I thought he just nailed the outfit so I had my own go at it with a more EQG flair. I'm still out of a computer, but the family computer runs Photoshop nice and smooth. Not a permanent solution, but I can at least get a digital drawing or two done as I save up for a new machine. :)

EDIT: Heh, it seems that in my pursuit of getting away from the excessively thin EQG I made AJ a tad short. ^^; She ought to look a little better, now. New canon of the head variety - AJ's a shorty but kicks serious ass. >:]
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Love your profile pic btw. Is it on DA?