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Breaking and Entering for Dummies



"Oh, hey Lyra. Sorry about the racket but apparently rein-dragons aren't 'allowed' to deliver gifts on Santa Hooves' behalf. Do me a huge favor and pretend to be asleep? She's already kind of freaking out - first house and we're already behind schedule."

A follow-up to last year's Big Apple Santa. We might have a new tradition here.

The night was going very well until the latest Champion of Hearthswarming saw the first chimney. Santa-Totally-Not-Celestia-Hooves really ought to consider providing an instruction manual to the ponies she chooses. Twi fully intends to write a strongly-worded letter if she survives the night, of course. :ohnoes:

Terrible monsters and stuff roam the night during Hearthswarming Eve and it's up to the Champion to defeat them while delivering gifts to the good ponies. Or, something like that. :dummy: Merry Christmas, guys!
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