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We shall teach dear Twilight Sparkle our ways - particularly those that involve relieving the burdensome stress accompanying the role of 'princess.' Perhaps young Cadence can lend her graduate studies when she is available as well.

Henceforth, Princess Twilight shall spend a night in fair Canterlot at least once a week to partake of our knowledge. Indeed, some might deem our actions 'uncouth,' or 'unbecoming of a princess.' Such absurd notions are to be expected of plebeians! Our methods are of the finest quality and are the result of much meditation. Or - as is the more modern term - 'naps.'

A trivial matter! Pose thy questions, citizen, such that you too may come to revel in our wisdom!


Alright - let's see how this goes! Ask-Majesty-Incarnate is live. Pretty nervous. :ohnoes: Bear with me as I get used to tumblr, haha. :D So asks are non-anonymous. That's cool, right? How about posting both to DArt and the tumblr?

EDIT: Shrunk Celestia's horn and gave her more pronounced eyelashes.

EDIT 2: Ho snap - that there's the header! :D:D:D… Thank you, guys!

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