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Art Her Wings Not Adorable?



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Someone asked if Twi ever gets teased about being short. The answer is yes. Thanks to those that tuned into the stream and I hope you like it. :D

EDIT: Celestia's body was a tad compressed.
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Hello. You are an amazing artist! I am writing a book, and I am looking for pictures to use as illustrations. Ive also contributed a few music songs to the fandom with my artistry.  

I have a few thousand pictures on my drive and I've narrowed it down to just a few. I like your style.  I of course would give you a credit page in the book. Let me know if you can alter it a tiny bit to make it original. I would like to have an all original picture that's not released on the internet. I would prefer to have the artist inspired by my work. I can probably provide you with an advanced readers copy of the book.You can also see the promo trailer I created as well. I will link below. I might be able to throw in some pony picks from my page as well.



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