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And Magic Is Heresy



"Please." the xenos looked up with hopeful violet eyes.
Behind that hope was fear, however. The being that stood before it was no longer the faithful student she loved, but she was down there, somewhere.

She had to be.

"Will you accept my friendship?"

Twilight Sparkle grimaced as a thousand memories came rushing to the forefront of her mind. Memories of the old world. Of Equestria. Of her friends and the love they shared.
For years she'd been haunted by the inability to complete the phrase. She'd forgotten what friendship was. Now she remembered.

She finally opened her eyes and Celestia visibly shuddered under her glare.

"I'm sorry, Princess."

The bolt pistol clicked.

"But friendship is magic..."


Am I a heretic for drawing pony/40k? Maybe, but trust me when I say that it's a lot of fun-*BLAM!* This is also fueled heavily by the rule of cool. Should a xenos even be able to touch lovely commissar threads? Probably not, but I think she looks pretty darn awesome in them! If the rule of cool doesn't satisfy you, however, then my condolences. :[

Inspired by this fan-fic.

Twilight's considered a sanctioned psyker by the Imperium, so unicorn "magic" isn't what she's referring to. :) Oh, and this is probably best viewed on a monitor. It's a tad dark. GRIM-dark! >:]

Oh snap - that's the number three slot in the drawfriend! Thank you, guys! :D…

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