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AJ's Canter



I can't even handle these canters! :ohnoes:

Thanks to those that tuned in for the stream! What started as a simple coloring job ended up becoming a full on drawing, haha. Best mane six trotting it up!

Here is the original sketch: Applejack
And here is AJ from March 7th of 2013. In one week that'll be two years(!) : Nathan. STAHP. AJ's the first pony I ever drew! :D

EDIT: Fixed a couple of little nitpicks. Rotated her a little counter-clockwise for balance, too. :) Is letting you all know of the edits cool or should I not do so?

EDIT 2: Thanks to EQD for having AJ header the Roundup. :)… Thanks, guys. :D
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