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AJ Fishy

By NCMares
2 hour quick draw. I wanna be fast. :ohnoes:

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Wow, this is amazing! She looks very cute, well done ! ^_^
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Oh no - I drew this up as soon as I saw some concept art for the movie! Sea-ponies themselves have been around since the very first generation of pony back in the '80s, actually. :)
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Anyways, great work :D
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Kawaii Fishy AJ is Kawaii!
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Apple- smoked salmon, anypony? ;3 
but no, in all seriousness AJ is adorable. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE! XD
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There's something fishy about her...
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So gorgeous!

I'd love to be a fishy with her ♥
  A pony with ichthyoid characteristics, fascinating.  You've heard of mere maids; well, behold! Mere ponies.  It's refreshing to see an artist engage in surreal creative impressionism.  You have a vivid imagination, NCMares.  The mark of a talented artist.
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U r pon
U r fish
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Fish Season open! :D
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Awesome! *o*
I just wonder how she gets her hat to stay on her head underwater x)
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You can draw Applejack in anything can you NCMares, <3 <3 words can't describe how much I love your work man. Great job as always <3
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Shoobeedoo Shoo Shoobeedoo
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Pllllllease do a Rarity!! Love the new designs; I can't wait for the movie!
Neko-Majin-C's avatar
She is a cute mer-pony.
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 MLP Applejack (Excited) Plz Shoo-bee-doo, Sugarcube!
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
But there are no apples in the sea.

FrozenSound's avatar
Not with that attitude.
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"Fishy" apple XD
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