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Day One of the fifth NATG - draw a pony standing still/holding tight. I love this event. ^^ Thanks to those that tuned into the stream!

Featured as number 25 in the Drawfriend! :… Thanks a lot, guys. ^^

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The hardest part about working out. Is the time it takes to achieve your goals, and surpass them. I seriously want to kick the motivation I have now back down my timeline to help myself out, but every time I think of that I look at this picture, and the one of her doing push ups. Reminding myself that those days are gone, and I have to work with today to achieve a level of fitness I'd be proud to stand tall in front of this pony with. Spitfire is my goal might seem odd to some she's a cartoon, and fiction, but to me she is a symbol someone to look at, and go one more rep, one more step, one more set. I will be a cadet. I'm an Earth Pony dreaming to fly. NCmares if you read this I thank you greatly for such a creation it is truly helping me become a better solider.  
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