[CLOSE] NChans Contest #02 - Sweet Sweet Wedding

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[EDIT] We reach the deadline (March 4 midnight, Pacific time) for participants to submit their entries to this contest. The submission is now close. The 3 winners will be announced on March 9 (monday) in a new journal along side the contest page on NChans Studio website. Thanks for your attention and thanks for your participation.

NChans Studio and Challengia are making a new art contest to promote NChans Style app! Sweet Sweet Wedding was one of several background themes launched last year. The NChans are wearing cute lingerie wedding dresses.

Sweet Sweet Wedding Set #1 includes Bride Amachan, Bride Myschan, Bride Faychan, Bride Woechan and Bride Vluchan. On NChans Style, Bride Jiuchan and Bride Cyochan are only visible in chibi form for now.

Draw your favorites pinups hostesses wearing lingerie weddings! You’re restricted the NChans characters available for the Wedding event. The contest is being hold on DeviantArt website. 3 winners will be selected!

OFFICIAL PAGEwww.nchans.com/studio/contests…

CONTEST SUBJECT – Sweet Sweet Wedding
Be my Valentine for that special moment! ~♥
The NChans are wearing cute lingerie wedding dresses!

:bulletyellow: #1 - $100 USD OR 8000 DeviantArt Points
:bulletorange: #2 - $50 USD OR 4000 DeviantArt Points
:bulletred: #3 - $25 USD OR 2000 DeviantArt Points

*You need a PayPal account in order to receive the prize.

CONTEST DURATION – February 5 to March 4 (Pacific time) (the remaining time is now displayed on the website)


:bulletblack: You need a 1 month active DeviantArt account to participate.
:bulletblack: Post your entry on your DeviantArt gallery with a link to this contest page: www.nchans.com/contests/c-4316…
:bulletblack: Submit your entry on the comment section of NChans Contest page on DeviantArt before the deadline.

We would appreciate if you share your entries on your social networks (Facebook and Twitter) using #NChans or/and #NChansStyle hasthags.

By entering the contest, you accept your creations to be used as promotional materials by NChans Studio and Challengia. If you don’t agree while willing to participate, just inform us on the uses of your creation.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to post a comment on the DeviantArt contest page.

:bulletgreen: One single entry (1 drawing) per person
:bulletgreen: Only the selected characters
:bulletgreen: Using the NChans’s weddings outfits (no change outfits)
:bulletgreen: Including 2 to 5 characters maximum
:bulletgreen: Using anime style, normal ratio or chibi form (“Super Deformed”)

:bulletred: Changing widely the character-design
:bulletred: Including original characters / characters from other series
:bulletred: Using defamation (racism, homophobia, etc), pornography, violence, gore
:bulletred: Using realistic art style, 3D model, cosplay
:bulletred: Using someone else’s content


Large previews on NChans Studio contest page.

Update: March 3

:iconkatrinlouiseo24: :iconsardinendosefab: :iconcadycassy: :iconmarsmellon: :iconllswaggerll:
:iconpikapika212: :iconminidragonfly: :iconyukie94:
:iconniekaori: :iconcoffekacchan: :iconaraneas-adopts:

::Night Wedding (Cyo and Ama):: by KatrinLouiseo24 Flowers [Contest Entry] by SardinendoseFab  Smell the roses by MarsMellon NCHANS CONTEST #2 by llSwaggerll
Nchan Wedding Entry - Harem Ending by pikapika212  NChans Contest #2 by Yukie94
Contest: Sweet Sweet Wedding by NIEKAORI  [Contest Entry] Sweet Sweet Wedding by Araneas-Adopts
© 2020 NChans
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I think I should indicate: 25min remaining before I close the contest entry. I will not accept any entries posted after the deadline. Thanks for your attention.
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Last minute entry <3 I hope you like it!

[Contest Entry] Sweet Sweet Wedding
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Thanks for your participation ^^.
CoffeKacchan's avatar

Here's my entry, thanks you <3

Nchans (contest nm)
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The entry is fine!

Thanks for your participation. ^^
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Hello, here's my entry! ovo)/
Contest: Sweet Sweet Wedding by NIEKAORI
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Hello and thanks thanks for your participation ^^
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Hi! One question, can I deliver two drawings of two different girls but that counts as the same entry?

neo-masharu-law's avatar
Hello and thank for your question.

I can not accept 2 drawings, it's against the rule. You have to submit 1 entry featuring a minimum of 2 characters from the poll.

I obviously don't know what you may submit here, if the 2 drawings have different background for example, but I will say right now that putting a collage of 2 drawings with different backgrounds to make a single entry will probably lower your chances to win since the composition may feel less organic. In any case, you have to make sure the characters feel like "together" "in one drawing", if you know what I mean (sorry if it's not clear).

You still have a few hours remaining before closing, I hope this get you enough time to correctly prepare your entry. I hope this explanation is clear. Let me know if you have any questions. ^^

[Edit] I precise, "1 entry" is "1 drawing" to be clear on that point.
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NChans Contest

Here my entry, thank for opportunity

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Hello and thanks for your participation! ^^
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Here's my entry. 
NChans Sweet Sweet Wedding Contest Entry by MiniDragonfly  
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Hello, thanks for your participation! ^^
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my entry, hope ya dont mind the lil dolls in the corner :p

Mature Content

Nchan Wedding Entry - Harem Ending by pikapika212
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Hello, that's fine! Thanks for your participation!
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Hi :la: here is my entry!!

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Hello and thanks for your participation! ^^
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Smell the roses by MarsMellon  here's mine! :3
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Hello and thanks for your participation! ^^
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Here is my entry x3, though I wouldn't like the draw to be used as promotional material plase ;v; 
sorry if my english is not very good
  NChans-Contest 2 by Cadycassy
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Thanks for your participation!

Alright, I will not post your work to promote the NChans contents (apps/games and events like NChans Contest). On the website, you will just be quoted on the contest page.
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I just wanted to say that I'm about to finish my drawing uwu.
Question; is there a minimum of contestants for this? will the deadline change?  I ask cause if the deadline were to change more contestants can still make some corrections to their drawings uwu
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Hello and thanks for your question.

On the previous contest, the duration was set to 2 weeks so I did extended it as some interested people hadn't posted yet their entries. As I explained to another person, I expect a minimum of 4 participants to close the contest. If there is not enough people I may extend the contest duration with the agreement of the participants who have posted their entry. That said, in other side this contest duration was set to 1 month so I think at this point it's not usefull to extend because most people interested in this contest would have finished their entry.

I will see, I can't guaranty I will extend the duration this time but I will think what is best for the art competition.
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