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Heroes Season 3 Mohinder

Heroes Season 3 "Villains"
Mohinder Suresh - Mohinder Pencils
Played by Sendhil Ramamurthy

Copied from Heroes Season 3 Promo Poster.
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WoW. Brilliant hatching.. the texture and depth is gr8!
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Thanks a lot. :)
spine-in-jellyfish's avatar
i thought this was john leguizamo at first and it made me happy ..ive never seen heroes so idk what its suppsoed to look like but eitherway it looks very good
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wonderful, love the background too!
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Thanks a lot. I pushed my limits with this piece. I'm glad it turned out okay. :)
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You got his face!
It's awesome...
And more to it your a filipino!
Musta kabayan!
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Ok lang. Striving hard to improve my style. It's great to meet other Filipinos here. :) Thanks for the visit, bro.
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What more I could say? Your skills are great, but not many fav your arts. It's such a waste.

But then, the most important is you enjoy your process of drawing and don't lose your passion.
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I guess my time will come. Lol

I do enjoy the craft. I hope that my works have significantly improved over the past months.
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I dig the crosshatch shading technique. I always sucked at that.
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Thanks. Practice will make it better. :)
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Your pencil control is amazing
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papa-paparazzi's avatar
The textures you use are to die for. D:
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Thank you very much :)
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Great shading and detail...
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Whoa thats really neat. I can imagine this taking a while to make. Lovin the way you did the shadings.
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Thanks a lot. :)
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Beautiful work on the anatomy, perspective, and shading. :D
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