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Heroes S3 'Villains' Sylar

Heroes Season 3 "Villains"
Gabriel Grey/Petrelli - Sylar Pencils
Played by Zachary Quinto

Copied from Heroes Season 3 Promo Poster.
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my favorite villain of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheFourthAce's avatar
This is stellar. <3
tkki's avatar
Nyeleti's avatar
one of my favourite villains!
well done :)
LamuneDX's avatar
this is very good!!
DragonPress's avatar
these are great - i love 'em, awesome style
Monseo's avatar
:) featured here with your permission

CptnRedArt's avatar
ur some artist!
TurnOffTheSun's avatar
I love your style! I think I shall watch you!
Duende14's avatar
awesome pencil work!
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Robino's avatar
Awesome, I like your style! The face is very detailed, cool expression too!
ncajayon's avatar
Robino's avatar
Your welcome!
Sunkra's avatar
Nice job on the crosshatching and highlights.
Though the stance of the eyes looks a bit odd.
ncajayon's avatar
Yeah it is. I'd want to correct that one of these days. :)
fishy-of-doom's avatar
Very cool. You have a very interesting style :D
Rion205's avatar
Oh mann love this!
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