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Heroes S3 'Villains' Ando

Heroes Season 3 "Villains"
Ando Masahashi - Ando Masahashi Pencils
Played by James Kyson Lee

Copied from Heroes Season 3 promo poster.
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Ando is my fave. Great job on all these. Love the show.
OMG VILLAN??? WTF?!? EXPLANATION PLZZZ!!!! Oh and awesome drawing~
kytjunon's avatar
I've never watched the series, but your pictures are fantastic
ncajayon's avatar
Thanks a lot. :)
vouloir's avatar
this has been featured in my journal. :)
ncajayon's avatar
Thanks a lot! :)
rainyXskyz's avatar
I like your style and how you use line to create movement!
ncajayon's avatar
Thanks a lot. :)
krazykel's avatar
Fantastic shadfing and pose :heart: love this :hug:
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cilohl's avatar
ncajayon's avatar
I'm glad. Thanks. :)
RiddlerPower's avatar
ehh the face is slightly 'boxy' exepct from that thats tree in a row in the impressive feild ha
ncajayon's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
we7's avatar
wow, i never seen such an pen tecnique, its really awesome ^^ congratulations
ncajayon's avatar
Really? Thank you very much.
bushbasher01's avatar
it's very well drawn :o even though i have no idea who these people are ^^;
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Lol Thanks a lot. You should try watching this show. :)
underthainfluence's avatar
u are the master of the pen man...and capturing expressions and drawing them i a semi realistic way
ncajayon's avatar
Thanks. I'm glad you like my works. :)
Lychnobia's avatar
wow great job!

It is amazing how you captured his personality !
ncajayon's avatar
Really? Over the years I've gotten feedback that my artworks don't really have emotion or personality. If I did capture his personality, thanks for pointing that out. :)
Lychnobia's avatar
i am shocked!:O
How can anyone say such things?
Andos Character is jumping right out of the image in the viewers face!
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