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Heroes Pin-up Pencils Full

Copied from Heroes Season 3 promo poster.

I Intend to ink and color this. This took me a few months to finish. I only had the chance to work on it at least once a week. :(
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Awesome picture. Such a fantastic technique you've used for the shading also.
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Awesome sketch^^
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This looks really awesome! Nice job working on this! :D
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Thanks a lot. :)
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Great job, I like all the details. Nice idea too, it's cool that one uses his or her power to raise some sort of mirror screen in front. That is what I am seeing right?
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Thanks. I'm not really sure about the effect you getting with this piece but I just tiled 3 separate images to for this one. The individual panels are posted somewhere in the gallery. :)
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Np! Nice work!
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Awesome! I really like the sense of perspective in this piece; you pulled it off really well! And all the technical aspects (colouring, proportions etc.) look excellent to me! =)
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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like this. :)
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Very nice, I like it :D
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Thanks! I'm glad you do. :)
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wow. that looks awesome. you did a great job doing it! i like how you drew it so that i could plainly see the lines yet it still looked very realistic. great job!
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Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like this work. :) I'll be posting the inked version soon.
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Interesting how you lay down your pencil lines. This would be something really nice once inked.
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I'm already working on the inks. Thanks a lot . :)
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Fantastic! I love the lines. They give it a really unique look and character.
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I LOVE Heroes!

Brilliant pencil work here!
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Thank you very much. I'm glad you like this piece. :)
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This is so great! I love it :)
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Thanks a lot. :)
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