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Bumblebee - 2007 Movie Version

Bumblebee (Unmasked Version) - Transformers Movie 2007

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Great job on getting all the parts in there, and I like how you use hatching to shade AND give definition to certain curves.
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Excellent attention to detail, and good work on the shading as well. :)
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WOW! you really di really well on this! awesome!
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This looks like it would have taken awhile, I love the detail in it. Great work.
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Very well done, you are very good at details.. unlike myself..! Excellent drawing :)
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Thanks, I'm glad you like my works. :)
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thats really cool... also something i have trouble with.. robots and tech and stuff.. great pic!
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I'm going to have to say that you did a very good job at drawing tech. it's a very hard subject to copy, there are so many intricate details and cogs and all those freakin things. Drives me insane, but you did a very very good job. Kudos.
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Thanks a lot. This is one of my biggest weaknesses. I'm too lazy to draw tech. Just tested my limits with this one. I'm glad you liked it.
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ha ha i get that, thats why i just dont do it.
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hey wow i have that exact picture up on my devart!!

except mine is slightly darker cuz i didnt scan.. i took a picture of the picture =X

but yeah. good job!
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Thanks! Just wanted to try my hand on robots and copied that picture :)
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