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Amiibo Custom - Paper Mario and Paper Luigi

No more on sale on ebay !

Paper Mario :…
Paper Luigi :…
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i want it so badly :(

no way this is awesome! Very good.

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my god. Do you have an etsy? If so, are you selling these? I wouldn't hesitate to get them ^^
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Give me. Just, give me. I really need this. It's just SOOOOOOO cute!
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I wish this was real
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We need Amiibo for Nintendo NX

Hope Paper Mario is one of them when the new game comes.
NBros's avatar
I doubt it will! But we should look forward the new amiibo lines for sure :)
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Yep. 3DS has amiibos.
can you please explain to me how you made these? I find this really interseting
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It's very simple, I 3d printed it ^^
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Wonder if they'll make an amiibo like this for a special of Color Splash.
NBros's avatar
I would be really glad if they do so - at least mario. But they probably would have already anounced it if it was the case... so I doubt it ^^
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These too (or just Paper Mario) need to be DLC for Smash Bros....
cmon Nintendo...
Toast-Demon's avatar
It would be really awesome if these were actually released. Just shut up and take my money XD
AnaxErik4ever's avatar
I'd love to see a Goombella Amiibo too.
j29736's avatar Hey can you take a look at this and possibly sign it? Thanks >w<
PaperLucario's avatar
If you take requests, I wouldn't mind to sometime discuss comissioning a Vivian or Doopliss amiibo (or maybe even a Paper version Lucario).
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