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Obsidian v1.0
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By NBI-Studio   |   Watch
Published: December 11, 2005
© 2005 - 2019 NBI-Studio
Welcome to the
First Official Release v.1.0

NBI-Studio is a collaboration between
Norman Kaczmarek aka normanbates (Graphics) from Germany
Troy Boudreau aka Immortal (Coding) from USA

Inspirations for this theme have come from Windows Vista's style.
Using alphamapped png images and transparency's.
Since Norman's Pre Round release on Litestep.net this theme has undergone a major revamp.
The theme has been completely recoded and many new features added.

Theme Features:

Easy Layout
Multimonitor Taskbars for Dualdisplay Users
Animated Startup
Message of the Day
Time/Tray Multipanel
Real Startmenu & Infomenu
Enhanced Quicklaunch Window
LSX/Run Window
Shutdown with Time-Out
Virtual Window Manager
Infopanel shows LAN and WAN IP
Glowing Taskflash Effect
and more...

This was a fun project for us and hope to have many more...
We would like to thank you for checking out Obsidian!

Please Note Obsidian needs the following:
A valid internet connection.
Litestep version 0.24.7 and newer.
Recommended: 0.24.7-RC4
Obsidian supports the OTS-2 theme standard.

A minimum resolution of 800 is required.
Recommended resolution of 1024 or above.
Multi Monitor's Supported but untested with 3 or more.

Official Obsidian-Website:

Official Obsidian-Forum:
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It looks very nice and clearly a lot of time went into this, but it is not OTS2 compliant when (1) it repeatedly attempts to download a module that does not exist (there is no xdesktop 1.7.6, the last version was 1.7.5), and (2) it contains 35 desktop shortcuts whose icons are missing because they (a) don't belong to any apps installed on my machine, and (b) have absolute paths to locations on the designer's own computer somewhere in Germany. Trying to rectify any of these situations is an uphill struggle, because the theme is scripted to auto-replace altered config files with hidden copies of the originals every time you recycle. If the end user is forced to extensively hack the theme in order to make it at all usable, it is not OTS compliant at all.
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I'm very let down becouse I don't get the xdesktop dll, so the theme no works. I installed others and I no had problems.
deathcon41's avatar
I need a dll for litestep. xdesktop version 1.7.6 is missing. Anyone have and can send to me?

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remixedcatProfessional Digital Artist
still love this!
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i am searching for the Litestep theme "Obsidian V2.0 or V2.1" i found on the
Web Only the Version 1.0

Year´s ago i have 2.0 and i think its the better Version...
can someone help me and send me a link to version 2.0? or send me with email to madmax(AT)darkmalibu.de

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PsysoulHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice design, a bit too dark with some unneeded parts. Overall result is 4/5.
ten7's avatar
black is the new 255
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Hi guys, this theme works well in XP. But when I installs it in Vista, it's quite ugly. It seems Vista doesn't support the taskbar picture.
Any suggestion?
ten7's avatar
win7 uses different desktop setup aswell as vista each vers can be patched to fit the spaces provided by vista or 7 2oo5 was a good year for custom fitting tho.
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I installed a week ago today, and thought I could figure it all out...silly me.

I've most of it, but i'd like a bit of help on the lsweather (yes, i followed the steps), also--i noticed in the screenshot i see a quicklaunch in the top right hand corner, and a command window in the bottom...how do i open these?

thanks in advance
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installed but all i get upon startup is a message saying "an alternative Win32 shell has stopped working" and the screen is blank, all i can do is ctrl , alt , del and restart computer. Please help me , can i do system restore from win disc ?
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PLZ PLZ I CANT USE THIS THEMES WICH PROGRAM I Need uxthems pachers? i instal it but how i use them plz contact me ty:)
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'...files you like to TUN'?!:o OMG BAD!![link]
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deestoHobbyist Writer
I'd like to get the weather working too (right-clicking on the "winamp bar" as the readme instructs doesn't seem to do anything at all), and to change the media player to VLC. no idea how to do either. I'd appreciate any tips on these.

the wallpaper is installed with the theme: shift plus left-click, Desktop Options, click Default Wallpaper so it displays "OFF" instead of "ON" (backwards and a bit counter-intuitive, but it works).
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deestoHobbyist Writer
if you haven't gotten as far as R780G in trying to set up the weather (like me): at the very bottom-center of the bottom bar on your screen (this either displays "The Audio Player is currently turned off..." or the name of the current song playing, I guess), right-click and follow the steps given in the pop-up messages ... just copying the RSS URL at the end seems to trigger the end of the configuration process, which I assumed would work. but then I get "Loading... 0% complete" and it never changes. middle-click is supposed to update this as well, but it doesn't seem to help.
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Wow this theme is brilliant. Really beatifull. I feel like in a different PC/OS, very good work.

As GhostLyrics i cant get the weather to work, i did the exactly steps but after i press the RSS button it says to put it as a mark.. i did but what then? how it goes into the theme? anyone?

Also i use Foobar2k instead of Winamp as my audioplayer but it still saying Winamp in some places, and when i click on it it appears with a blank icon.. like a .exe without a icon. how can i change it? Please i would like to get these things correctly. Thanks.
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Is it possible for me to change the default media player into itunes? that would be great =D

Excellent theme
Metalhead893's avatar

scroll down to "itunes control 0.3" install that module after d/ling
PurePoison12's avatar

um, im using Obsidian v2 now, is the module compatible with the new version?

And what exactly do i do with the module? sorry, im new to litestep
Metalhead893's avatar

Download the .dll (duhh) and save to your LS directory under modules, probably "C:\litestep\modules\itunescontrol-0.3\". After you have it saved right click on the desktop and go litestep>edit config>step.rc

add this line, exactly as i typed it under the "load personal settings and theme" section.
LoadModule "$litestepdir$\modules\itunescontrol-0.3\itunescontrol-0.3.dll"

unless you changed the names of you folders, that should work.

Now, most people forget about this. RECYCLE!! right click desktop>recycle.

your theme will refresh, and you should be good to go!

A couple of other things, Shift/click the desktop to enable quicklaunch, icons, etc...right click the clock to show it if it disappears.
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Surf-ChickStudent Photographer
Extremely well made theme! Wow!
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Ok, I'm kinda stumped here. I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled from scratch twice, and when I log in, I get an error. [link] Error: exception during module initilization. Please contact the module writer. this is the only error i get. other than the fact that my pc slows to a crawl, and my mouse gets jumpy.
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GhostLyricsHobbyist Writer
yes, i know, this is very old, but NEVERMIND, i like it but can't get the weather to work, although i followed the instructions and had the right link on my clipboard... any suggestions? like hacking the theme file or such?
thx in advantage
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