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Fortuity Forge by nbenmargi Fortuity Forge by nbenmargi
In the plasma core of every star, a massive swarm of atoms fuse together forming heavier and more complex molecules. When this process is complete, it’s supply of lighter elements exhausted, the star expands outward spreading it’s contents throughout the local system, fueling generative processes of interactions which create yet more complex forms. The tendency to support formative processeses like these seems to be a fundamental characteristic of the universe. In the same way that simple atoms and elements interface with each other to create new and more complex forms, ideas and visions bounce around the human individual and collective consciousness, creating in each moment a unique and evolving picture of our world. An infinite potential for the genesis of new ideas and forms exists within each of us. Emerging from chaotic quantum fields where an infinite series of possibilities unfold, our fortunes slowly congeal. Through the focusing lens of intent, we can both personally and collectively apply the power of our wills to forge a more cohesive future.…
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August 2, 2014
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