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What are your thoughts on the latest episode?
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2.5D_Piece(2) by SPseungryu
Deep Forest :: Grimm by erebus-odora
Grimm - Nick + Monroe - Pilot by Bisho-s
GRIMM nick monroe juliette by strawberrygina
Digital Art
Call me maybe- Renard by Intimidations
Nick/Monroe by mialozondo
Happy Halloween! by Intimidations
Renard by Uruha-Kouyou
Traditional Art
Mauvais Dentes by Rodrigowski
Eddie Monroe by Mortem97
David Giuntoli by AinhoaLG
Monroe by Drimr
OOAK Monroe by booksellgranddaughte
Grimm Chibi by RedMedKit
Nick Burkhardt Chibi by RedMedKit
Grimm Ice and Dancing by Dracophile


Um...those are actually dog biscuits. by XTheNamelessX Um...those are actually dog biscuits. :iconxthenamelessx:XTheNamelessX 6 4 Nick from Grimm by greenlilly444 Nick from Grimm :icongreenlilly444:greenlilly444 3 2
Porcupine Gloves
 “The porcupine, whom one must handle gloved, may be respected, but never loved”
- Arthur Guiterman
Roddy curled into himself as the cannons sounded over head. He wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the field. This spot was secured and for authorized personnel only. As soon as the cannons let up, he started running. He hopped the fence and kept running to freedom on the other side.
Just a few more feet. Roddy cleared the forest and his feet hit asphalt. His sneakers pounded the ground and his breaths became labored. The adrenaline from the narrow escape barely registered in his blood stream.
A scratching sound came from his pocket. He reached in with a gloved hand to be sure his cargo was safe.
“You better be worth it,” he whispered to one in particular.
Roddy ignored the sounds coming from the flat upstairs until it became too much. He grabbed the nearby broom and started banging on the ceiling.
“Oi, Keep it down! We’re still
:iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 3 2
Nick by himitsutsubasa Nick :iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 4 0 Let 'em Talk by himitsutsubasa Let 'em Talk :iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 9 9 And Who Are We? by himitsutsubasa And Who Are We? :iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 6 0 The Grimm Sleeps by himitsutsubasa The Grimm Sleeps :iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 7 4
The Time Beyond
It's the same no matter where you go.
Everyone asks the same questions.
The same three questions.
It doesn’t matter about order, where, or when they ask.
You have your answers ready.
And you answer them every time.
Or you die.
That is only if they are particularly volatile.
That's what I'm doing.
"Tell me."
I shrug and put my hands up.
He knows I'm unarmed.
This is just power play.
The cold muzzle of a Glock stares me down.
If you don’t answer, they become testy.
“Where were you?” He asks.
“A hospital.”
I’m telling him the truth.
Unlike the others I’ve spoken to.
I am not sure why.
He stares at me and asks another question.
Clearly, he chose to believe me too.
“Who did you lose?”
I ponder telling him about my family.
He looks thrown by my blunt answer.
“I wasn’t really close to anyone.”
He puts the gun down.
I don&
:iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 2 2
Devil in SF 2: The Angel Sleeps
Gregory walked in nursing a coffee a few mornings after. It's not one of those froufrou mocha chai lattes with extra foam and a flavor shot or whatever it is from Starbucks that the other cops drink. It's a real coffee Guatemalan highland special roast. He'd been addicted ever since Angelina's then boyfriend, Monroe, introduced him to it. Needless to say it was love at first sight. With the coffee. Therefore he was not pleased when Lawson took his coffee.
"What is this?" he asked, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.
"It's a Guatemalan highlands roast. Very robust." Lawson looked at the cup like it was the killer. "Any progress?" The older detective shook his head.
"I thought it might have been the ex girlfriend but she and the stiff were good. Her alibi is concrete. She was at a party and slept it off at a friend's." Gregory shook his head. The lawyer, a Thomas Avery and klaustreich, wasn't liked. He didn't have many friend and all together too many enemies. A search of the apartment led
:iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 0 0
Roddy by himitsutsubasa Roddy :iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 7 9 David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt - Grimm by Shayca David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt - Grimm :iconshayca:Shayca 13 8
So a Grimm and a Blutbad Walk Into a Bar
“So, a Grimm and a Blutbad walk into a bar…”
Nick looked completely unimpressed. He sat on a stiff cracked bar stool with a bloody mary on the table. The bartender had switched him to virgin a few drinks back. How many he wasn’t sure.
He was sure the air was filled with the strong smell of tobacco and cigars. Nick was willing to bet his small detective salary that it was all illegal. The walls were made of a dark colored wood. At one time, it must have been polished. Now, it looked dull. The counter was the same. It was constructed of a bright yellow wood, one that he couldn’t help but say looked similar to a certain buggy. The wood must have made a fine counter at some time. Nick ran his hand over the wood. It was polished with crystal glasses sliding down the bar and shined with oily hands. But the air had a musty feel to it. It felt old and decrepit. It was a run-down bar.
Stupid Fuchsbau.
“Come on, Grimm, get your ass out. I have a lot of w
:iconhimitsutsubasa:himitsutsubasa 21 7
Grimm - WIP by Bisho-s Grimm - WIP :iconbisho-s:Bisho-s 30 9 WIP Musical Monroe Grimm Pic by InvisibleCorpseGirl WIP Musical Monroe Grimm Pic :iconinvisiblecorpsegirl:InvisibleCorpseGirl 28 11 GRIMM Wallpaper No.1 by fallinout2uboy GRIMM Wallpaper No.1 :iconfallinout2uboy:fallinout2uboy 15 6 GRIMM Wallpaper No.2 by fallinout2uboy GRIMM Wallpaper No.2 :iconfallinout2uboy:fallinout2uboy 63 3


Welcome to NBCGrimm, a group for the new NBC series. Everyone is welcomed to join, you don't have to submit art.

If you are submitting something, make sure you do so in the correct folders. If you are unsure or have any questions feel free to ask.

Please discuss new episodes here and not in the profile in order to avoid spoilers.








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I created a chatroom for Grimm RP (the TV show not just general fairytales xD) and I'm so proud xD
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So yesterday my dad was chatting with one of his work friends and she ended up talking about her husband who is in the acting business. Turns out she is married to the actor that plays HANK!!!!! :squee: my dad's gonna talk with them and i might get to meat them and get my pictures of them signed!

just thought i'd share! Have a great day everyone! :D
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