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Farewell, Ocean Man

By NazRigar
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Man 2018... Why must you be so cruel? We lost Stefan Karl, Stan Lee, and now our beloved creator of everyone's sponge, one of the pillars of many a childhood, Stephen Hillenburg.

RIP. Stephen, say hi to Ernest Borgnine for us and Mermaid Man...
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In 2019 we lost Tim Conway
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Lori Loud: [bawling] Why did you have to die, Stephen Hillenburg? [continues sobbing]

Lynn Loud Sr. [Dad]: There, there, Lori Loud.

Lori Loud: [bawling] Leave me alone! [continues sobbing]

[Lori Loud then runs away while crying]

Lynn Loud Sr. [Dad]: What's wrong with Lori Loud?

Rita Loud: Stay out of it, honey.

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They Can't be dead! "THERE'S STILL EVIL AFOOT!!!"

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Death: Everyone has a time to come
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Ocean man... take me... by the... hand... *crying*
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Awe! Lovely tribute :)
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Yeah dude Stan Lee and Stephen Hillenburg died in this year and Stefan Karl died too.
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Fitting tribute to the man who contributed so much for everyone's childhood here my friend.
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Thanks... It was the least I could do to pay tribute to a man who influenced so much...
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Pretty much, he inspired young artists to grow and develop their talents to become great people later, so it's befitting.
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Beautiful tribute :') 
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It's amazing
It's a great tribute to spongebob
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Don't know how spiderman is going to without it creator
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So that's three different big-name Steves who died this year. Although Robbie Rotten doesn't really feel like he belongs in the same sentence as the other two, he'd be the first to tell you that belonging is overrated. Seriously, he hit relevance more or less just in time for the cancer to show up, which is enough of a dick move on the universe's part that I'll allow it.
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Oh my goodness hhhh.. I've known him for a long of a hell time. And now, he's dead, man, ALS sucks, but i am thankful for his series existed and stuff. Farewell Stephen my man. T______T
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This is so sad 😭 I remember watching Spongebob every single day when I was a young kid and I still do now. Its just sad to say goodbye to the creator of my favourite cartoon show 😢
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I don't know why, but seeing Mermaid man, SpongeBob's hero, letting him sit on his shoulders and hold a brave face to comfort his No 1 fan, just sucker-punches me in the feels.

R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg. 
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I'm gonna be honest, when I first read this I legit teared up a bit...

It reminded me a bit of my own relationship with my grandpa very many years ago... And I guess I subconsciously emulated that in my drawing.

It's also fitting really, considering Ernest Borgnine, voice of Mermaid Man, also passed away a few years ago.

R.I.P. Stephen... Say to Ernest for us...
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Borgnine also voiced Carface in the sequel, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 (1996).

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Another creative soul has lft us but won't be forgotten.
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