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:iconnazow:nazow posted a status
Alright this how Mauto is for the people looking forward on being his mate he looks forward to a lioness that is a light pelt like his mother
  Mautos mom by nazow  I hid the comments becouse people were being RUDE! (I wont mention names but do it again and I'll make you regret it!!) for hell sake Mauto had a rough past Jeez he was bullied enough assholes his mother was his only support until she died of illness which made him depressed anyways.
He is quite abusive so you might wanna put some scars here and there why is he like that? he has quite a temper his patience is quite low, and since he spent his time as a teen in cristal pride he is a lion who seduces meaning he will have lovers, I would like you to look at muaji's eye thingy you may wanna add that (forgot what its called lol)
anyways I'll add more detail later!

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