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Sam 1034 by nazow

Kivuli was now a full grown cub and today was her First lessons, ''Now todays, lesson is posture, now try to imitate mine, then walk'' Kivuli with ease did her posture and did as told ''Very good my little one, each day will be a different lesson''
With Kivuli growing and doing her lessons, she had to know to Posture, her looks, fighting and hunting skills each day each lesson was more difficult, but Kivuli never gave up.

Time passed and Kivuli was now a Teenager she did all her lesson as expected 

Khari Took Kivuli to see  the borders ''Kivuli you've grown into a beautiful  teen, there will be meeting here with other prides from now on, you'll be seeing Princes, so that you can choose who you must like to rule...'' Khari said ''Umm Dad how come you didn't betroth me with another lion?'' Kivuli asked ''I didn't want to force you to love or even learn to love another lion, I want you to be happy with a lion that you truly love, Today well be seeing another pride Tonight but you will go hunting-'' Khari said but was then cut off ''Really!-''Kivuli said happily ''With Mauto watching you'' Khari continued Which changed Kivuli's mood ''I'll be going then... '' Kivuli said as she walked torwards Mauto ''Come now I ain't so boring'' Mauto said as he led her.

''Sigh... not again'' Mauto said quite annoyed, noticing Kivuli had wondered off else where to hunt.

While kivuli was hunting in kubwa's pride,kubwa was patrolling the borders for his father (since he was busy with some thing else),while he was patrolling he saw kivuli and thinking she was a rouge he started to run behind her, as kivuli was hunting she could slightly hear something behind her once she looked she was tackled.
"ack hey watch the fur!" Kivuli growled at the lion as he was on top.
Kubwa watched the rouge lioness a growled back "what are you doing in my pride rouge!"
''Rouge!?! if you haven't noticed yet, I'm a Princess, Future Queen of Crystal Pride... Now could you please get off, before he comes?'' Kivuli said still under Kubwa.
Kubwa got off Kivuli"I'm sorry I didn't know you're a princess..but..what are you doing here and who is coming..?"Kubwa said a bit curious, ''At least you're not the type who makes me beg, so I was hunting, but it simply bothers me being watched by....'' Kivuli spoke but suddenly went silent.
''Me... *Growl* Now who are you'' Mauto said getting in position to attack.
Kubwa get ready to attack and growl at the lion"I should be the one to ask you this question since you're in my father's pride".
''Me? Mauto but that doesn't matter now, because I'll be picking your flesh out of my teeth'' Mauto said darkly as he slightly rose his paw to attatck and growled at kubwa.
Kubwa watched as he was about to be attacked by Mauto until there was a roar and a lion tackled down Mauto and growled "Don't you dare to lay a paw in my son!"
''Growl I see you're daddy's boy, but if you don't mind GET OFF!'' Mauto yelled as he managed to get Kubwas father off him easily, ''Mauto don't dare start a fire here'' Kivuli said serious, Mauto looked at her then sighed ''As you wish... Lets get going now before you're late or do you wanna keep talking to daddy's boy,'' Mauto said as he went walking away while kivuli stayed a little bit, Kubwa's father looked at kubwa and said "son we better get or your mother will start to worry about us.."and kubwa said"father can I stay here for a few minutes I promise I will be fast"kubwa's father sighted and said "fine..but be fast"as he started walking away.
''I'm very sorry about Mauto, he can be quite aggressive at times, I suppose you never got my name which is Kivuli, and yours?'' Kivuli as she sat down expecting him to answer her question.
"my name is Kubwa and the lion you meet before was my father the king of this land"
''Well is was a pleasure to meet you, in a bit more professional way, then a while back, anyways I must go I have another pride to meet tonight, See you later I guess'' Kivuli said as she started to walk away, "see you later "kubwa said while going in his father direction, as Kivuli walked back she thought deeply.

Here we go!
Thando88 Is also part of this Niuky and Kubwa belong to him
While Kivuli, Mauto and Khari are mine!
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July 7, 2017
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