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Uruna is found by Lord Wazimo by nazow Uruna is found by Lord Wazimo by nazow
It was a peaceful night at Grim Reaper Pride, but not so peaceful for the two king brothers ruled there, for there was a cub crying disturbing the two, Katiro simply couldn't take another moment of the crying and yelled from his cave he shared with his brother Wazimo, "SOMEBODY SHUT THAT BRAT UP OR I'LL PERSONALY DO IT AND IT WE'LL STAY  PERMANENTLY!!" Katiro roared as je woke the whole pride and the crying grew louder, his brother beside him then spoke "Temper Temper, brother I'll go myself you stay here" Wazimo stretched as he knew the crying wasn't coming from the cave, as he walked out one of the lioness followed, Wazimo didn't mind as long as she didn't get in the way, Wazimo soon found the cub and grabbed her "My did your mother have a death wish for you? with all your crying you've gotten quickly on my brothers bad side, my will he pleased to see you, who knows he might rip you apart, that will be wonderful" Wazimo said as he chuckled darkly, as for Dhabu wasn't used to the pride ways yet "Please Lord Wazimo, don't be so cruel, maybe her mother wasn't capable of giving her the life she wished for her to have, I'll take care of her--" Dhabu was then cut off "SILENCE! this cub will be shown to my brother and we will agree if you shall care for her or we shall end her life" Wazimo said as he took the cub to Katiro, he agreed to let her care for the cub just so she could finaly make herself useful.

Rp collab and cub belongs to :iconpiperspts:

Base credit :iconWolvesanddongs23:
Piperspts Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
-Uruna looked at the unknown lion and glares. She quiet down as she looked at him. With Dhabu, she grew to be a strong cub-
nazow Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Katiro was a rude one to the cub Wazimo was a bit more kind to the young one
but they were both pleased with the results
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