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No Longer The Same by nazow No Longer The Same by nazow
After some time after the punishment of Jaheem he changed completely he went emotionless, he showed no expression, it was very rare he would give it out but anger, he was turning out like his father but was different, Matuay got a message from her father sent by the twins that it would be nice for Uzuri to have some sister time with Matuay since she was now a full grown cub, as Matuay arrived she saw her brother so she decided to great him "Oh hey Jaheem" she said with a slight smile but soon faded away when he stayed quiet, his glare was cold and emotionless, it made shivers go down her spine he change after what she did and the punishment of her father, she remembered the screams of pain and mercy, was the punishment that bad? That it changed him completely he was no longer the same, she got to the cave to be greeted by her little sister running forwards her "Matuay!" Uzuri yelled happily, Matuay then saw Doctari watching in the darkness,"Uzuri, be good for Doktari, could you leave me and your sister alone for a moment?" He said as Uzuri happily obliged "Do you have the slightest clue what you have done to Jaheem?" He growled "Yes you probably only ripped a chunk of his ear for punishment, but you caused your father to almost kill him, he barely came back alive, and you're the one to blame, Jaheem won't show emotion but I know the looks I studied him he gave a glare of disgust, you're practically dead to him, the only one he shows emotion to is your sister, he's killed a lot a lion and cubs too not giving the slightest care to let them choose to join the pride, this is not a threat but I suggest you watch your back..." Doktari said as he walked out speaking the truth and up coming hell

Matuay belongs to my dear friend Piperspts
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September 14, 2017
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