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Lord of Destruction by nazow Lord of Destruction by nazow
This is the demon lord which name is Abaddon Thanatos your probably gonna hate em for killing Soterios when I start putting the full story

Name: Abaddon

Meaning:  Destruction

Last Name: Thanatos

Meaning: Death 

Species:  Demon

Rank: Lord

Personality: Serious all of the time, very and I mean very sadistic, Very proper, Respectfulm.... At times, quite antisocial, Quiet only speaks when spoken to are whenever Abaddon wants or needs to talk, doesn't show emotion most of the time, makes Demons, Angels and Humans think Abaddon is emotionless and heartless, can be a straight up savage, Bad temper, and can get pissed of by when something isn't done right and doesn't really sleep

Story: as a child Abaddon was very nice bright child loved playing, and was curious about lessons, as Abaddon grew, paying attention to the lessons and was a very quick learner, When Abaddon was a Teenager Abaddon was very rebellious, didn't really give a flying shit about anything, pissed off the Demon Gods off so they decided for the right time to give her the mark with branding iron that would create a symbol that would represent Abaddon, when that day came, it changed Abaddons way and life, no longer bright, rebellious and outgoing which pleased the Demon gods, they trained Abaddon to be agile, strong and quick, so Abaddon would have a different opponent stronger than the last, 

Song: Counting Sheep | Sofar London
rougeemp Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017
Question, have you thought of trying to draw with the deviantart muro? this is how I color everything for my comic and other stuff. 
nazow Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
umm Not really I don't know how to use it, and i've been quite shy to ask anybody to teach me
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