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Kuwindo Vs Mauto by nazow Kuwindo Vs Mauto by nazow

Kuwindo walking torwards a room where his wife was answering the pride members dumb questions and all until there was gun shots and explossions, causing alarms to go of around the whole city(Pride but this is kinda humanized)  some screamed in fear as other jumped at the ones attacking but where held down in 2 blows as they made way and made them kneel for someone coming through, a lion jumped from high above and walked through "Hello Lions... Ladies and Gentlemen this is not the time for fear, but for celebration. Today the best and brightest among you will find salvation within the Blood Empire." the lion said as Kuwindos wife tapped his arm and said "I'm smarter than all these lions" as The lion answered "Delightful" as two men escorted her out "My love NO!" as two bodyguards kept him down as one of his sisters, jumped at the lion, but his sister was grabbed by the neck "I do love your spirit, my dear. I'm Mauto, pleasure to meet you. would you like to join me for a ride?... Splendid~" the lion said as flames sorrounded his sister and vanished from his hand.

Kuwindo looked at the lion from a distance, he had his whole pride kneel down before him after the fight they gave, they standed no chance against Mauto's group of ruthless males, he then heard him spoke "So which one of you iseless pricks is the Leader" Mauto said as Kuwindo then run at him and tried to jump at him while saying "I AM!", But Mauto got a grip of his neck and then let him go while flames came from Mautos hand, flames held him at the same hight Mautos hand had grip of his neck "Why does your pride enjoy leaping so much?" Mauto asked "Get off my territory you SonofaBitch!" Kuwindo yelled as he was thrown to the ground.

"Didn't count on me did you?" Kuwindo held himself up "Well hello there~" Mauto said as Kuwindo tackled him and punched him in the face multiple times as Mauto grabbed his arm and threw him else where "Now now. Not so fast" Mauto said as he slightly wiped the blood that was coming from his mouth, as he then ran torwards Kuwindo to punch him but Kuwindo slid under him and grapped a gun that was on the ground, once Mauto turned around a pistol was pointing torwards his head, Kuwindo shot him but there was no bullets "Wait-- What" Mauto slickly dissapeared and appeared behind Kuwindo and headbutted him once Kuwindo turned around "Ow! Shit!" Kuwindo said in pain as he fell to the ground and Mauto chuckled darkly "Did you really think you could stop me?" Mauto said "Fuck you!" Kuwindo yelled as Mauto made him float and come closer to him "Ahh such Arrogance. Is there anything more Charming?" Mauto said as he Forced Kuwindo against the wall every time he spoke "Fucking ass-- Hole. I'm gonna agh" He was slammed against floor as Mauto spoke.

"Do what, exactly ? Huh? Bravado me to death? *Chuckles* I'm going to have fun Breaking you" Mauto said as Kuwindo went unconscious...

Take a note that Mauto is ten times Kuwindos size

Kuwindo is like Mufasas size but Mauto is bigger than average
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November 21, 2017
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