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Just One Moment by nazow Just One Moment by nazow
This may cantain spoilers of the walking dead if ya haven't seen it and some strong language so don't start ya bitchin about you didn't know, watch you mouth and all that stuff so SPOILER ALERT anyhow lets proceed shall we?

So I was watchin a bit of walkin dead since I fell behind, and I simply fell in love with Negans sexy ass, and it gave me an idea when Negan kissed Sherry infront of dwight (Did I write that right? meh) so it gave me the idea of Mauto, his sexy red pelt ass is like Negan! wives represent Mautos many lovers and dwight well I had a little problem with that but I came up with the idea since Mauto can be straight up dissrespectful, not give two flying fucks, so Piki's dad! bravo!! sooo.... Yes it would be zombies and all everything all the same...

kinda Just with lions anyhow I simply had Mauto Kissing Piki cutting Kimbo off with some inportant info.

Kimbo was telling Mautao some important info and Mauto ordered the twins get Piki, as she entered the room Mauto signaled Piki to come over to him, once she was close enough he grabbed her by her waist and kissed her, "Mauto! that is unacceptabl--" Kimbo said as he was then cut of by Mauto putting a finger up having him give Mauto a moment, that he was a bit busy with something less boring, once Muato was done he licked his lips and looked at kimbo who simply thought what Mauto did was rude and childish "Now... You were saying?"

Piki and Kimbo belong to :iconpiperspts:
Piperspts Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017
kimbo, is Piki's grandfather, not dad lol
nazow Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
..woops my bad 
Piperspts Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017
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