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Cerberus by nazow Cerberus by nazow
This is Matuays twin brother, he was strong an healthy but didn't survive, while Dhaifu being weak and scrawney he did survive, To Mauto it wasn't fair, so dealing with such was quite difficult...

In a AU
If he had survived he wouldn't have the same fate as Dhaifu, the pride wouldn't have treated him poorly, nor would he be his brothers have him as a chew toy, and Mauto wouldn't consider him a bug that needed to be crushed, he grows just how his father had wanted, and  gets along very well with Jaheem, meaning Jaheem wouldn't have gotten the scars he had today, These two would joke around with each other, he would be Jaheems Right paw lion, since they would be so conected, Cerberus, never wanted the throne but the best for his brother, when Kiforo was born he was the happiest lion knowing he was an uncle, he made sure nothing would hurt his dear nephew, he made sure he kept that bright smile on his face, if something were to happen to kiforo he would torture the one responsible in the most brutal way, even if they were family, Cerberus very caring for and has a lovely soft spot but when it comes to battle he becomes the brutal and sadistic like his father wants him to be....

Base credit to :iconredthelioness:
Matuay belongs to :iconpiperspts:
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