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A Butlers Crush Initianted by nazow A Butlers Crush Initianted by nazow
You my Dear are Kiforo's personal butler

It was your first day as Kiforo's butler, there was a Party tonight, and you had to look your best beside Kiforo, since he was quite strict and bossy, everything was going smoothly, until someone accidentally bumbed into Kiforo and spilled red wine on his shirt, "S-Sorry Lord Kiforo" the Lion stuttered, as Kiforo Growled "It's fine, at least it was wine" Kiforo said as he then looked down at his ruined shirt "Eh... This is ruined and it was new too, You! Servant get me another from the linen closet" Kiforo ordered you "Yes, Master" You responded as you slightly bowed before him, as you did as told, once you got to the linen closet, you looked at the many elegant, expensive brands of shirts and waistcoats, you looked for gray waistcoats and a black shirt since it was his outfit "Oops... Should've asked him his size... Hmm I think this one will fit" you said as you guessed his size, as you got what you needed you went to the Bathroom, "...I wasn't sure what size you wore so i just guessed..." you told Kiforo as you walked in "Hmm?... Just put it over there on the counter" Kiforo responded, right when you looked up to see him you couldn't believe the sight you were seeing 'He's HOT!!!' you thought as he then turned around, "Is something wrong?" Kiforo asked as you starred at his well toned body all flustered 'He has... a navel ring? thats really... Sexy! Wait oh no... no no no... He's my master!' you thought as you started to get a nosebleed "Are you alright? Your nose is Bleeding" Kiforo said.

Tell me if ya want more of this, make request! and with Mauto too!
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November 18, 2017
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