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United States
Friendly neighborhood author at your service. Amateur writer, not an artist (though hopefully I am to become one eventually). I mainly write stuff relating to diaper fetishism and paraphilic infantilism.

I'm bisexual and also enjoy writing yaoi/boy's love.

I am a gamer and otaku, as well as a massive fan of Touhou Project.


This initial rambling is honestly pointless and you can skip it if you want. Just go to the next bolded line like this for the meat of the journal entry. Or you can read this. I can't stop you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For the longest time, I've self-edited my works before posting them. And by that, I mean I barely touch them. I catch some typos while writing, but honestly after one spellcheck pass (which misses a lot of stuff, such as correctly spelled words in the wrong places or grammar mistakes), I throw it out there. Then I usually read it over once and catch like two or three more typos. However, as I have already written the story, my eyes skim over it fast, since I know what's going to happen. As such, I often miss things.

In addition, I've never really gotten much critique. The ABDL community is, to be a little blunt, rather hesitant to tell artists and writers anything other than "so cute/cool!" or "heheh I love it!" Even when criticism is given it's couched in wishy-washy statements like "I still like it a lot, but maaaaaybe [x] could be improved a teensy bit, I still like it though!" as if us creative types will break down into a sobbing fit if we hear a bit of criticism. Look, I get it--we're a bunch of babies at heart, and we don't like meanies. But still, I'd like some criticism of my work.

Okay if you skipped the intro start from here

So I'm looking for people to read my stories before they get published and suggest things, as well as point out typos and grammar mistakes. I also might share with them possible ideas or rough drafts I've made, and see if they're worth expanding on. The benefits? Well, you get to see my stories first hand, and possibly even see abandoned works of mine or new ideas! In addition, you'll also be credited as my Editor in all my stories, in the description on DA or in the initial header on other sites such as pastebin. Unfortunately, I'm a jobless NEET, so...that's it. I hope you like working for free with no benefits!

Now, I'm thinking of taking more than. While multiple people will mostly catch the same typos and grammar mistakes, they might get ones that the others didn't, and more importantly, they will have different views and possible advice to give me. In addition, some may not want to view certain stuff, so I need multiple ones to cover the bases. Thus, I'll probably want...two or three people.

If you want to help, you must be okay with reading works containing these things:
-ABDL and other related ageplay
-diaper wetting and messing (especially the latter)

In addition, if you are okay with some of the following, it would be helpful, but you don't have to be. Hopefully I will have a collection of people who, together, are fine with all these things. Not every story will contain all of them, and I'll tell you what each one has beforehand

-sexual acts
-sexual ageplay (i.e sex while one character is regressed, either truly regressed or roleplaying)
-mental regression
-physical regression (usually not combined with mental regression as well)
-hypermessing (not a very often theme of my works, but one that may show up eventually)
-yaoi/boy's love

If you are interested, PM me. I'm expect any beta-reader of mine to be proficient in English, and preferably be a writer themselves. I will select my beta-readers. Do not pester me to be one or give you in-progress works. You will know if I have selected you.
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