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Earth and the ring-world: Halo



Yah so, this was quite easy. I really dunno if this should go in digital or manip, but what I did was take a hi-res pic of a nice island, and turn it into a planet. :p The "Halo" is of course inspired by the game, and the actual ringed-planets "halos", just... it's not a weapon... or is it. >> Nobody knows.... lol

Anyway, it was fun doing this, and of course I still use the same starry brushes (Rabies_Star) in this piece, too. I think I'll do this more often for making habitable planets in the future, that is until I learn how to ACTUALLY make a realistic looking planet as such.

This was fun to make, and I'm not going to say it's my best because I used a REAL pic, so I kinda cheated. XD IT'S STILL PRETTY THOUGH!

Plz comment and stuffs, I'd like to hear opinions and if you could, please link me to a good realistic detailed planet type tutorial. I'd search for one myself, but I'm out of time as I'm off to go eat. >> (Of course, by the time I get comments I'd probably had already found one myself, BUT STILL HELP ME OUT FELLOW DA'ERS!) XD

3 hours
Photoshop CS
Brushes are only the stars (Rabies_Star) is the file name, I know nothing more as it was a file transfer via AIM.
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Hah, I did a similar thing for my machinima series, but not as well or with the same tools