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Hahaha when you don't have internet at home so you go to your local library to use theirs...LOL
...Ok guys it's 11°C so freezing, and my dad's girlfriend (we will call her June) birthday on Tuesday so we are out having brekkie in the park...out side...I'm Red the beach..and it's 6:30am!!!!! I had to get up at 5!!!! Why Pa, why??
Just realized that my latest post is horrible why didn't anyone tell me????

Oh well, the only thing I feel like reposting is the concept art for my little Owlet...yea I think I'm gonna do that
Wasn't too sure if I should do this but thought it was best to say some things to make it all clear to both you guys and myself.

Around March 22 my baby rat, Coco passed away, we aren't sure of how she passed away. She seemed health, fine and happy the day before and then she seemed so sick and unwell until she passed away. It hit me hard as that was the second baby rat to have passed away in my care whom seemed so health and happy.

Life was going fine, mum was due for surgery on the 31 of last month for her endometriosis. They never really did anything and their not sure if they will ever be able to do anything.

We moved a week after her surgery which was hard since we didn't have much money to hire anyone to move for us so it was family and friends who wasn't working as it was a week day and we only had the moving van for 24 hours.

On Thursday of last week, Yuki, my one year old rat had 2 seizures in less then 24 hours, she had blood coming from her eyes and noise. She was moving very much, it seemed that she couldn't moved her front body all to well,as she left her head hanging and not using her arms to move. She was moving around like a snake and the only food she could have was Apple, she couldn't drink and she went blind...I thought she would only live for 3 days, tops. We tried to get her to the vet's but non of them really knew what to do for rats so we couldn't take her to any of them. We thought she might have had a brain tumor burst. After 5 days of acting like that, she's starting to act like her normal self, only that she can't see. She loved climbing around her cage like a monkey and she's starting to do that again(and giving me heart attacks on the way) and she's nesting..She we think she'll be fine for now. The blood is starting to stop coming from her eyes but it's still coming from her noise. So that's the only thing good going for me right now.

I'm losing friends by the minute. And its hard for me to make new ones.

Exams are next week. Luckly I only have 3, and the 3 subjects that I need to Improve my marks on..yay

I have no internet or reception at my new house yet and who knows when I'll get it.

That's my life update for now. Sorry for not being on or posting anything, I haven't been getting any motivation to draw..So sorry


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kohakuasato Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
nyahhh thank u for the fav!!!:heart:
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ThankYouForTheFav by UszatyArbuz
..on my pixel art! Have a lovely day :sun:
Cherubiana Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  New Deviant
holy hecc senpai noticed me!!!
in all seriousness, thank you SO much for the watch as you're a HUGE inspiration to me and I love everything you do ;0;
Nazo-no-Akuma Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hahaha, sorry. I clicked watch and then I guess I clicked unwatch (app, it make it too easy to in watch people) so I fixed that. I love the amount of hair you give your characters it's so funny!! Oh and cute!! Can't wait to see more of what you can do!
Cherubiana Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018  New Deviant
It's ok lol XD 
But yeah thank you SO much!!! My heart melted when I saw that haha ;u;
But thanks again for the comment about the hair lol, I can't seem to make any type of hair that's NOT a whole bunch,,,, short hair is so hard for me to draw haha
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